You can enjoy cycling on Shonan area such as Enoshima and Kamakura fashionably sportily by cross bike or road bike rental cycle. Equipment with injury / liability insurance, helmet, glove, key, light etc are equipped with accessories.

Cross bike 1 day 4400 yen (tax included)
With injury/liability insurance, helmet, glove, key, light
Adaptation height about 150 cm or more and 185 cm or less.

Road bike 1 day 6600 yen (tax included)
With injury/liability insurance, helmet, glove, key, light, portable pump · tool, tube, saddle back
Adaptation height about 160 cm or more and 185 cm or less.
※Only those with experience of getting on a road bike are available.
[BRIDGESTONE ANCHOR RL6 Aluminum frame/Carbon Fork/SHIMANO Tiagra 10S]


[Use time]:9:00〜17:00
Please contact us if a guideline of return time arrives. Please also contact us if your use time has passed.

[Access]:Temporary store LINKAGE CYCLING
3-1-36, Katase, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa, 251-0032, Japan
We have a changing room and a shelf to store luggage. Please note that you can not keep valuables etc.

[Lending returned]: Temporary store LINKAGE CYCLING
When you lend, please confirm that you have instructions on the vehicle and that there is no defective maintenance such as brake effectiveness, handle fixing, tire pressure, saddle height.

[Payment method]: “Cash” or “Credit card payment” (Visa, MasterCard) at the time of lending on the day

[Personal identification document]
Please present your driver’s license, insurance card, passport and other certificate for confirmation on the day.
If you can not confirm the certificate, please do not forget to rent it so please do not forget to bring it.

Bad weather etc. When canceling it unavoidably, please contact me by e-mail or phone by 1 hour before using. No cancellation fee will be incurred. In case it is judged that it can not be used safely due to bad weather etc. Please note that we may refuse to lend out so please inquire in advance.

[Lending Equipment]
Rental Cycling Pants 550 yen (tax included)

Rental cycling wear 550 yen (tax included)

Driving is on the left side in principle with the roadway as a principle, sidewalking is a pedestrian in the case of a sidewalking driving, the bicycle slows down near the road, drinking driving prohibition, translation prohibition, signal compliance and temporary stop at the intersection Please protect and keep safe.
We are not responsible for accidents, injuries, aftereffects, so please use the bicycle safely at your own risk.
In case of accident or theft please contact the clubhouse and the police.
If there is a breakdown or puncture, please contact the clubhouse without continuing the operation.
Please note that for bicycle breakage, breakdown, puncture, theft, or loss, the expenses required for repair or applicable commodity price will be charged at actual cost.
Example: Punk about 1,800 yen, damage about 20,000 yen, total loss / theft about 50,000 to 100,000 yen

[Use under 18 years old]
If you are a junior high school student or under 18 years old, you can use it if you are with a custodian or a guardian (18 years old and over).

Accident Insurance: Death · Secondary disability insurance payment: 1 million yen, daily hospital stay: 2,000 yen, day visit daily: 1,200 yen
Liability insurance: 1 accident / upper limit 100 million yen

[Bicycle Terms of Service]
I will comply with the Road Traffic Act and use the rental cycle with extreme care in safety management and health care at my personal responsibility in accordance with all the rules established by us. I will receive instructions on rental cycle from the staff and confirm that there is no defective maintenance. We will confirm that our company can not accept responsibility even if you injured due to breakdown of rental cycle or damaged third party. In using Lencycle, I am responsible for personal responsibility, confirming that I will accept the expenses required for repair or the corresponding item price equivalent at actual cost for damage, breakdown, puncture, theft, loss, etc. I will. In the event of a theft, breakdown or puncture, we will notify you as soon as possible without continuing the operation. I do not take any responsibility in case of death, injury, aftereffects or other accidents that occurred during cycling at my own risk and I will swear that we will not be held responsible. I acknowledge that compensation for accidents and injuries during cycling is within the range of insurance to which the Company is subscribed (below), and damage, theft, loss etc. of the bicycle will be out of insurance coverage. 【Accident Insurance + Liability Insurance】 Death · Secondary disability insurance money: 1 million yen, duration of hospitalization: 2,000 yen, daily hospital stay: 1,200 yen 1 Accident / upper limit 100 million yen 【Inquiries on insurance details】 Japan Kowa Insurance Co., Ltd. Agency East Japan General Insurance Office Co., Ltd. ITO: 042-649-5282 About the handling of personal information We recognize the importance of personal information and comply with the law concerning personal information protection and related laws and regulations We will handle personal information based on our personal information protection policy.

[How to apply]
Since it is a reservation system, please fill out the necessary information on the application form at the bottom of the page and approve the agreement and send it. Please make a reservation 3 days in advance. Please note that we may not be able to respond to your previous application.
Please fill out the necessary information on the application form and approve the event agreement and submit. It is necessary to run one person at a time in the group as well. I will reply by confirming the reservation status. Please contact us if you do not receive the reception email even after 2 days from application.
Please specify the domain so as to receive e-mails of the domain if you have specified domain to prevent spam mails.