LINKAGE CYCLING リンケージサイクリング - サイクリングでつながる。ひろがる。-



I am aware that cycling is a dangerous event that takes place on public roads, and I am personally responsible for managing safety by complying with road traffic laws and all rules, regulations, and instructions set by the organizer. ・Participate in the event by paying close attention to health management. In the unlikely event that you feel unwell, you pledge to immediately cancel your participation.

I will take full responsibility for any death, injury, or other accident that occurs during the event or incidental event, and will not blame or hold the organizer/administrator, participants, or related parties responsible. I promise. This does not change even if the accident was caused by the organizer.

If during the event the organizer determines that it would be a hindrance to continuing cycling, I will immediately follow the instructions to cancel the event. We will also follow the organizers’ safety management and event management instructions. I also agree that in the event that I am injured, have an accident, or become ill during the event, first aid will be provided to me, and that the organizer will be responsible for the method and results of that first aid. I promise that I will not be held responsible.

I pledge to check the insurance coverage and applicable conditions in advance and register for insurance coverage for accidents, injuries, and illnesses during the event.

I will be fully responsible for my personal property and equipment during the event and incidental events, and I agree not to hold the organizer or other participants responsible for any loss or damage thereof. In addition, if the item is stolen or damaged due to my gross negligence, I will compensate for the damage.

I agree that I have no objection to the cancellation or change of the event due to deterioration of weather conditions such as strong winds, rain, snowfall, natural disasters, incidents, accidents, etc., and that the participation fee will not be refunded in such case. I accept.

I consent to the free use of my name, photo, and video on media such as television, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet, as well as on websites, social networks, and printed materials created by the organizer.

Handling of personal information The organizer recognizes the importance of personal information, complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related laws, and handles personal information based on the organizer’s personal information protection policy.